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A Green Terramesh reinforced soil system is installed into the new section, in Lot 3, of Florence’s Autostrada del Sole highway


The Green Terramesh also installed into the Florence section of the highway that will be split into a three-lane course, after being used for the construction works of the crossing of the A1 variant.

Maccaferri contributed to the completion of the third A1 Lane in addition to offering both technological know-how and multiple products including:

The project is currently in the end stages of construction.  The protection system of the Scandicci-Certosa tract (also referred to as Lot 4) is made up of a Green Terramesh system consisting of pre-fabricated units of double twisted wire mesh (8×10 type) lined with an erosion control blanket and stiffened with a welded mesh panel. Two pre-formed steel braces are connected to the Green Terramesh units at the job site to secure the unit.  Such Green Terramesh units are produced in our factories around the world.

The reinforced soil structures also act as noise barriers. They coexist harmoniously with the landscape and mitigate noise pollution. The steep slopes they create are designed to revegetate, creating a softer, more environmentally sensitive solution compared to traditional harder surfaced solutions.

The protection system made from Green Terramesh was fully applied alongside the 13.5 km roadway that ensures the viability of all three lanes of 22 km of the A1, located between Florence North and Florence South. The installation extends itself into the slope between the interconnection A1 / A11 and the new exit: Firenze Scandicci.

Supported by investments on the order of about 800 million Euros, the overall strengthening of the three-lane between Florence North and Florence South will come to a conclusion with the completion of the section between the exit of Scandicci and Florence South. The realization of the work has called for the employment of around 400 workers, the digging of a 3.3 km long natural tunnel (in the Melarancio and Pozzolatico tunnels) and the building of 700 meters’ worth of tunnel (floe, Castellina, and Melarancio).

The implementation of Green Terramesh in the upgrading of the Florentine Autostrada del Sole has also become the target of an on-site inspection offered by Maccaferri Italy’s participants of the technical seminar “Reinforced soil to the Protection of the Territory“. The technical workshop was organized by the Foundation Order of Geologists of Tuscany and was recently held on April 20 in Scandicci, near the construction site.

For more information on this project and on our Terramesh Green system, contact us.

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