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Maccaferri will present transportation infrastructure results at the 2016 Geotechnics conference

Transportation Infrastructure

Maccaferri Central Europe will actively participate at the Geotechnics 2016 conference transportation infrastructure held in Horný Smokovec, Slovakia, Sep 21-22.

The 2016 Geotechnika Conference will be the 15th regular professional conference in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland. It will concentrate on the Geotechnical aspects of the civil and underground Transportation infrastructure construction. The event welcomes the presentation of the grant´s programs in basic research, and discussion about practical experiences relevant for building performance.

The primary goal of the Geotechnics 2016 conference will be to discuss advanced methods and traditions in Geotechnics. The objective of this conference is to provide experts and professionals with the most recent information relevant to geotechnical designs, performance and operation issues of the civil and underground buildings and constructions. Equally important is the exchange of current information on the progressive theoretical and experimental methods and practical experiences.

We also welcome the presentation of the grants programs in primary research, and discussions about the hands-on experience in building techniques used for selected civil and underground geotechnical buildings, constructions and technological processes. Current geotechnical issues of foundation building, geotechnical aspects of public building construction, engineering, and hydraulic construction will also be discussed. Furthermore, the conference will focus on current issues faced by the mining industry. It will present geotechnical surveys and research, risk analysis, geomechanics and geophysics, geotechnical monitoring and testing.

The conference will encourage attendees including scientists, designers, producers and investment organizations from Slovakia, Czech Republic, and other countries to connect, and exchange ideas and knowledge. Our commercial director our distributor in the Czech Republic will present a technical paper at the conference, oriented on the design and implementation of remedial measures for the stabilization of unstable rock blocks above the village Hřensko in the Czech Republic. The name of the article that our speakers will be referring to is as follows: “Protection of Hazardous Weathered Rock Wall Formation in Hrensko with High Performing Dynamic Barriers.”

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