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Vertical concrete panel soil reinforcement used on the Obj. 237-20 bridge.

Soil reinforcement - SK 3

A transportation infrastructure made up of Maccaferri’s MacRes system is installed on the crossroad branch A1 and A2 above the railway line of the Slovak Republic.

The wingwall of the bridge abutment is designed to function as a reinforced soil structure with concrete facing panels. Facing panels are made from precast concrete of thickness 140 mm that are anchored to the embankment using horizontal high adhesion polymeric geostrips – ParaWeb.

According the normative EN 14475 the wall is classified as a vertical reinforced soil structure with a semi-flexible concrete fascia unit consisting of Maccaferri’ MacRes system.

The design of this transportation infrastructure construction was realized in cooperation with the Maccaferri technical support center in Zilina. Construction of the bridge wings is a single stage with a 90° face slope, without top embankment. Also, it is based on a horizontal foundation pad stepped by 750 mm.

In-situ reinforced concrete capping is placed on the top of the wall. Fascia concrete panels are made from concrete C30/37-XC4, XD1, XF2 (SK). According to static calculations they are reinforced with steel reinforcement where needed. Concrete panels at the bottom sit on a concrete foundation pad of thickness 150mm, which is placed behind the reinforced concrete anchored wall that ensures overall stability in the area. A continuous vertical drainage layer of gravel material with fractions 8-16 mm with minimum thickness of 0.5 meters is located behind the panels.

It is necessary to build the retaining reinforced wall and adjacent embankment at the same time in order to avoid the creation of working joints between reinforced and non-reinforced parts of the embankment.

Before the construction started, engineers from Maccaferri Central Europe organized training for all workers, in order to ensure a proper installation of the system on the job site. The technical and commercial manager from Maccaferri monitored the placing of the first-starting layer of the panels—especially the right positioning of panels—to the desired angle.

Based on the installation manuals, which were handed over to the workers of the construction company, construction continues without any problems. At this moment, the construction is at 3 m height. Soon, the construction of the other side of the bridge support will start – obj. 237-10.

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