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Maccaferri Central Europe three job site visits relevant for Transportation Infrastructure

Trasportation Infrastructure - SK

Czech designers, investors and contractors visited three of Maccaferri’s most important finished and still in progress job sites relevant for Transportation Infrastructure

Maccaferri Central Europe organized on May 5th and 6th various job site visits for Czech designers, investors and contractors. The two-day visit enabled attendees to visit various different project sites—some still in progress and other already completed—relevant for transportation infrastructure works. Participants were also provided with technical presentations. The presentations inform them on the principles of desing of these structure and the relevant durability requirements.

Moreover, participants were encouraged to familiarize themselves directly on the jobsite with technical solutions, reinforced retaining walls, bridge abutments and wing walls.

Job site visits were organized for the:

  • D1-Hricovske Podhradie – Lietavska Lucka Project
  • D1-Dubna Skala-Turany work and
  • D3 Svrcinovec – Skalite Venture

The D1-Hricovske Podhradie – Lietavska Lucka Project specifically was also featured on November 3rd 2016, in the news titled D1 Motorway – Hricovske Podhradie – Lietavska Lucka, and on January 14th 2016, in the news titled D1 Hričovské Podhradie – Lietavska Lucka, Object 222. In summary, the object 221 on motorway D1 Hricovske Podhradie – Lietavska Lucka, close to Zilina, was formed by reinforced soil structure MacRes consisting of vertical concrete precast facing panels in combination with polymer geostrip reinforcement ParaWeb.

The D1-Dubna Skala-Turan work, also featured on May 18th 2016, in news titled A successful MacRes application was chosen by the organizers of the job site visit for its exemplary use of MacRes. Maccaferri’s MacRes system has been developed to create vertical concrete faced soil reinforcement structures. It is used extensively in infrastructure, mine works and anywhere that requires a vertical faced structure capable of resisting high loads.

Finally, the D3 Svrcinovec – Skalite Venture was chosen by the Central Europe Team seeing as Maccaferri had a primary role in the project on two of its locations. In the first location, two stages of gabion cladding were installed at tunnel Polana portal. The gabion cladding is formed from 0,5m thick gabion monoblocks from double twisted steel wire mesh with opening 6×8, wire 2,7mm/3,7mm with Galmac + PVC polymeric coating. In the second location, Maccaferri provided a reinforced soil structure next to Polana tunnel portal.

At the end of the second day participants could visit the new Maccaferri plant in Senica.

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