Effective infrastructure leads to effective mine operations. Effective access ramps, haul roads, surface water control structures and drainage systems are key to the uninterrupted performance of a mine. Whether a weak haul road requires sub-grade stabilisation with MacGrid® geogrids, an outfall structure requires erosion protection using gabions and Reno® Mattresses, or a run-off ditch needs lining with MacMat® erosion protection mats, we can help.

Maccaferri range of solutions for rockfall protection. Our rockfall hazard mitigation meshes (Steelgrid® HR, drapery, ring nets and HEA Panels) and catch fences are used extensively to stop rocks falling onto haul roads, disrupting productivity. Working with specialist contractors in the field, we have even customised our systems and products to suit the specific installation methods used by the contractors.

130 years of experience tailored to your needs. Our capability is based on our 130 years of experience in civil, geotechnical and hydraulic engineering, but now customised to suit the specific needs of mine projects.


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