Underground Mine

Maccaferri range of options for safeguarding tunnels, shafts and adits. Operating underground encompasses the necessary processes and applications of specific techniques to extract valuable minerals. We offer numerous solutions to line tunnels in order to control any loose and falling debris that often occurs during mining operations. Depending on the specific risks, these solutions include… Read more »

Treatment Process

Treatment from start to finish. The treatment process consists of the operations undertaken after mineral extraction and continue until a concentrated mineral is produced. Numerous phases can include; fragmentation, graining, milling, classification and concentration. Maccaferri experience and solutions to help support heavy loads. We have extensive experience in the construction of large mining tip and… Read more »

Storage Process

The value of our products in the storage process. The safe storage of tailings, waste, leachates and toxic materials is a significant operation within mines. Our range of solutions includes MacLine® geosynthetic membranes, MacGrid® geogrids and MacDrain® drainage geocomposites. These are used in heap leach pad liners, evaporation ponds and lagoon linings. Containment dykes often… Read more »

Open Pit Mines


Maccaferri effective solutions for steeply sloped mines. An opencast or open-pit mine is used to extract valuable deposits close to the earth’s surface. Here the fragmentation, loading, materials handling and production control require heavy equipment. To maximise extraction volume and minimise the space for infrastructure, slopes within these mines can be steep. Material can detach… Read more »

Mine Closure

Maccaferri role in your mine closure operation. The closure of the mine and the reinstatement of the ecosystem is one of the most important activities in the life of the mine. We offer impermeable capping and drainage systems to prevent surface water entering the deposits. The rapid reestablishment of vegetation and soil erosion protection systems… Read more »

Dewatering Process

Maccaferri solutions make dewatering easier and more cost-effective. The dewatering process is the removal of water from solid material or soil by filtration, centrifugation or other solid-liquid separation processes. We provide an excellent solution in our geotextile tubes, MacTubes®, which are used for dewatering mine tailings, sludge ponds or slurries. They are specifically designed to… Read more »