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Retaining Wall MacWall system installed at D3 Motorway in Strazov – Brodno.


The object 279-00 on motorway D3 Strazov – Brodno close to Zilina city is formed by a MacWall reinforced soil structure.

The object 279-00 on motorway D3 Strážov – Brodno close to Zilina city is formed by reinforced soil structure MacWall, retaining wall with concrete MacWall fascia blocks with a maximum height 3,5m and a length of 157,50m. The size of the system of concrete blocks is 0,20 x 0,50 x 0,27m (H*L*T). Each block is made from concrete C35/45. The lower part of the wall is already built, and works in the middle section of the wall are still ongoing at the present.

Maccaferri’s MacWall solution in essence is a segmental blackwork retaining wall system that combines the aestherics of masonry walls with the engineered reassurance of reinforced earth. The two components of the MacWall system are:

  • a split face concrete modular block in a range of colours to suit adjacent structures and environments
  • a Reinforcement Paragrid geogrids sandwiched between the courses of block

The solution was selected due to:

  • incomparable rapid speed of construction
  • ease of installation
  • low cost in comparison with traditional concrete retaining walls.

The maximum length of the geogrid reaches 6,0 m.
EUROVIA, the contractor, selected the MacWall system due to its main advantages: speed of construction, functionality and economic benefits in comparison with traditional gravity concrete walls.

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