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Poľana and Svrčinovec Tunnels to ease traffic conjestion on the D3 Svrčinovec-Skalité Highway


Geotechnical solutions are used to construct new section of major highway

A 15-km long new section of the D3 Svrčinovec-Skalité motorway was inaugurated in mid-June. This is one of the key sections of this Highway, which links Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. As supplier of geotechnical solutions for the D3 Svrčinovec-Skalité motorway, we contributed to the construction of this new section by providing mass gravity retaining walls and soil reinforcement solutions.

The new 15-km D3-motorway stretch (D3 Svrčinovec-Skalité Highway) will help to unburden the border crossings in Trstena, Poland, and Svrcinovec, the Czech Republic. Our contribution involved the supply of several mass-gravity gabion retaining walls, soil reinforcement and gabion cladding solutions, on both main and approach roads.

We provided reinforced soil structures for the Poľana and Svrčinovec tunnel portals. The embankment was built from our Terramesh® System in combination with ParaGrid® soil reinforcement geogrids.

Our solutions were also used for the construction of several embankments along this section’s main road and access roads. These embankments were built with a 65° inclination by using Green Terramesh® in combination with secondary geogrids. The use of Green Terramesh® creates a ‘green’ faced reinforced earth retaining wall which is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

The combination of primary geosynthetic ParaGrid® geogrids with Terramesh units brought benefits to the project including cost-effectiveness and ease of construction. These solutions are increasingly replacing traditional mass-gravity concrete walls.

Adjacent to the Poľana portal, our gabions were used as cladding to an anchored wall. The 0.5m2 gabion units were made of double-twist hexagonal steel wire mesh (6×8 type) with a heavy GalMac® (Zine-aluminium alloy) anticorrosive protective layer and an additional polymer coating to deliver the required design life of the construction.

Finally, our MacRes® System with a ParaWeb® geosynthetic reinforcement was used to create concrete panel vertical face reinforced soil structures on the bridge wing walls and as supporting structures at the Svrčinovec crossing.


Our contribution to the D3 Highway confirms our role as a technical partner in complex projects. Not only can we provide high-quality products from our broad portfolio, but we have the global expertise and the local knowledge to design complex engineering solutions.

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