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Maccaferri is technical partner in the project of D3 Svrčinovec – Skalité

MProject of D3 Svrčinovec - Skalité - Maccaferri - Slovakia

The construction of the reinforced soil slope is proceeding.

Maccaferri had a primary role in the project regarding two locations of the D3 Svrcinovec – Skalite.

In the first location, two stages of gabion cladding were installed at tunnel Polana portal. The gabion cladding is formed from 0,5m thick gabion monoblocks from double twisted steel wire mesh with opening 6×8, wire 2,7mm/3,7mm with Galmac + PVC polymeric coating.

In the second location, Maccaferri provided a reinforced soil structure next to Polana tunnel portal. The embankment is built from blocks of customised Green Terramesh units with a heavily galvanised fascia panel filled with stones. The remainder of the structure is built like a wrapped face reinforced soil structure combining ParaGrid 65/05 and steel facing units. Construction is now in its second phase and Maccaferri’s deliveries have to be completed within the end of 2015.

The project has been featured several times within previous news, as the one published on October 15th titled D3 Svrčinovec – Skalité.

Terramesh system and ParaGrid have been also used for the construction of the bridge 206-00 on the motorway D1, Hricovske Podhradie – Lietavska Lucka as described here.

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