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Maccaferri Central Europe organizes job site visit to reveal a successful Green Terramesh and Terramesh applications

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Hungarian designers, investors and contractors visited a reinforced wall site secured by Maccaferri’s flexible uniaxial geogrid, green terramesh and terramesh solutions.

On April 6th through 7th Maccaferri Central Europe organized a job site visit for Hungarian designers, investors and contractors. The two day visit enabled attendees to visit various different project sites—some still in progress and other already completed—for which Maccaferri Central Europe has been contracted for. As part of outreach presentations, participants were asked to familiarize themselves with technical solutions, reinforced slopes, retaining walls, bridge abutments and wing walls.

One project site visited by participants during the tour was the R2 PSTRUŠA – KRIVÁ site. The project was chosen by the organizers of the job site visit for its exemplary use of Green Terramesh and Terramesh applications.

To elaborate further, the Expressway route was selected to minimize the land acquisition, demolition of existing facilities and to optimize earthworks. For this reason, embankments of the highway are designed as reinforced steep slopes made with a Green Terramesh system. In areas with limited space, at the heel of reinforced slopes are situated reinforced retaining walls with gabion facing – Terramesh system. Inclination of walls is 10:1.

Participants were able to note the following solution: to adapt to the limited space available, Maccaferri chose to install flexible uniaxial geogrid Paragrid and a prefabricated block. The prefabricated block and uniaxial geogrid, both face each other, are connected via a 3.0 m long overlap. The lower part of the structure is made up of an effective system of gabion reinforced soil structures.

The face elements have dimensions of 2.0 m (length) x 1.0 m (or 0.5 m) (height) x depth of the gabion 0.8 m with 3.0 m long horizontal reinforcement panel. The upper part of the structure represents a Green Terramesh system. The system consists of one unit, which combines a reinforcing function while ensuring the stability and greening front slope. The unit is made of double twisted hexagonal mesh, which integrally forms a reinforcing bar, forehead, and top panel. The basic material of the unit is hexagonal double twisted wire mesh with the type 8×10 mesh protected with Galmac (Zn alloy-Al 5% MM) and additional polymer coating.

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