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D3 Svrčinovec -Skalité

D3 Svrčinovec - Skalité - Obj. 821, 823 2

The construction of nearly 5,000m2 of reinforced soil is well underway on this access road.

The solution features Green Terramesh which is made of double twisted steel wire mesh type 8×10 with a Galmac and polymeric coating.

This coating was selected to provide long term performance and resistance to corrosion and damage during installation. The Green Terramesh provides the secondary reinforcement, and is supplemented by ParaGrid 65/05 geogrids providing the primary reinforcement in the soil slope.

Green Terramesh was selected due to the required durability of 100 years, speed of construction and installation costs. Green Terramesh has numerous features that are factory-fitted to speed up construction.

Construction of this reinforced soil slope is in at a central phase and will be completed within end of this year.

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