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Reinforced Soil Walls and Slope Reinforcement



Beco Bermüller & Co. GmbH



The district road OA 29 runs in the Oberallgäu district between the municipalities of Blaichach and Burgberg.Part of the road is the bridge construction over the Iller river and the federal road B19. The bridge over the Iller and the B 19 required rehabilitation because of the new traffic requirements. The dam has a height between 2.50 m and 7.30 m. In the course of the planning, it was determined that the existing property boundaries and thus the foot of the dam would not be changed. It was therefore no longer possible to widen the embankment with the planned fill. As the demolition of the bridge interrupted the connection, which was important for the neighboring communities, one of the project’s objectives was to achieve the shortest possible realization time.


The GTM units met the requirements of the tight construction schedule due to its fast and undelayed construction process, even during the wintertime. The excavated material was temporarily stored at the side, as geotechnical assessment showed that it was suitable for filling. A slope with an angle of inclination of about 50° was planned. The green terramesh units have a vertical height of 0.7 m with an inclination angle of 60°. Units were installed with little steps, corresponding indeed to the required angle of slope. The biggest challenge during the construction phase is that the bridge decks were shifted from one side of the river over the GTM wall. Extreme load requirements were set, where the devices had 200 t load capacity and 30 t dead weight. Therefore a total load of 2300 kN was considered for the design phase. Due to the geometry of the device, this load was then converted into an approximate load of 86.8 kN/m².

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