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Who: Global Engineers

In the 19th century, we invented Gabions and dramatically changed civil engineering’s landscape. We are still changing it today. We work everyday, with 140 years of our history, to find better solutions for our clients at every degree of latitude and longitude. We make innovation happen around the world, we share our knowledge capital to multiply the return on investment of clients and partners, and we offer ongoing support to establish relations built on solid trust. This is us: Maccaferri.

We are a global company, with more than 70 subsidiaries operating in 5 continents, with an on-site presence in more than 100 countries, and over 3000 employees: we are highly-specialized professionals trained in designing and developing complex solutions in the civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental construction markets. Our worldwide network grows through innovation and diversification of its sectors of activity and through an increasing range of high quality and environmentally-friendly products and applications.

We do not simply sell products: we strive to be the leading technical reference for designing and developing advanced projects. We are strongly committed to solving our clients’ problems by providing better solutions through attentive listening, innovation and collaboration.

To meet the challenges of the future, we have a very strong asset to rely on: 140 years of documented history, starting from Raffaele Maccaferri’s stroke of genius who in 1879 invented the modern Gabion, all the way to the current worldwide network operating in multiple markets. Today we are the undisputed leader in the manufacturing and supply of gabions and associated wire mesh products to the global construction industry.

Inspired by the ambition to solve even more complex problems, our expansion goes on: today we produce a wide range of geosynthetics including geogrids and geocomposites in numerous factories around the world. We are always striving for innovation. We keep searching for constant improvement. We are Maccaferri.

Enduring History


History of Maccaferri Central Europe

The company Maccaferri entered Slovakia in 2005 when became the majority owner of the company Eurogabions. In 2009, Maccaferri acquired 100% of the shares and history of the new company MACCAFERRI CENTRAL EUROPE s.r.o. started. From that moment were made significant changes and investments in the production technology, machinery, reconstruction of production and offices. The company gradually expanded with the establishment of its four subsidiaries: MACCAFERRI DEUTSCHLAND GmbH, MACCAFERRI POLSKA Sp. z o.o., MACCAFERRI ROMANIA S.R.L., and MACCAFERRI HUNGARY Kft.

The company Maccaferri Central Europe, with headquarters in Slovakia, provides commercial and technical support for the region of Central Europe and the Balkans, and through its subsidiaries for Germany, Scandinavia, Iceland, Poland, Romania, and Hungary. The manufacturing facility is located in Senica, Slovakia, where we produce an essential element: double twisted hexagonal wire mesh and products from this wire mesh for engineering purposes. Since 2013 we also produce erosion and drainage geocomposites.

Development and results of the company in the last ten years are the best proof that MACCAFERRI CENTRAL EUROPE s.r.o. is a successful and dynamic company which offers to the building sector, both public and private, a whole range of interesting design solutions within its wide manufacturing-trading portfolio.

What: from Design to Development

At Maccaferri we do not simply sell products: we provide better solutions – identifying, addressing and responding to the specific needs of each client. Maccaferri is a partner who works alongside clients from the start of the project, maximising value for money through technical expertise and an extensive portfolio of quality products.

Our better solutions start from the design phase of the project, with the simple aim of solving a problem. Then, we proceed through all the stages of development, in close synergy with our subsidiaries; manufacturing, designing and installing solutions throughout the world. Our better solutions are always the end result of a close-knit, multi-level integration of Maccaferri’s headquarters in Italy, local subsidiaries and clients’ needs.

How: Excellent Sustainability

Environmental protection is an essential factor for us. Maccaferri’s solutions are better also because we design and develop them with an eye on quality of life and on preserving the environment and our communities for future generations. These same principles of respect and integrity are mirrored within our organizational structure.

We are ethically engaged. We have always stood out for the reliability, transparency and professionalism of our management. Our employees follow an unconditional ethical code of conduct that maintains and strengthens behavioural integrity and transparency in all operations, while abiding by all pertinent laws.

Executive Profiles



Antonio Canfora

Managing Director
Joined Maccaferri Group in 1994
– Master Degree at the “L’Orientale” University of Naples (History and Philosophy)


Ľuboš Lichý

Commercial Director
Joined Maccaferri Group in 2013
– Master degree at Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica


Jaroslav Adamec

Technical Director
Joined Maccaferri Group in 2011
– M.Sc. Engineer at the University of Zilina (Civil Engineering)


Paolo Gualandi

Director of Regional Technical Support Center (RTSC)
Joined Maccaferri Group in 2013
– M.Sc. Engineer at the University of Bologna (Civil Engineering)

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