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Mass Gravity Retaining Walls


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Barratt Homes

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Housing developer Barratt Homes started a project in Bonhill  in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. The site had a series of   areas with uneven ground that needed retaining and   stabilising in order to build new homes successfully and the   use of retaining walls to terrace the different areas.  


Maccaferri was approached by Barratt Homes to come up  with a suitable solution for the posed site problems. It was   agreed that there needed to be a series of retaining walls. 

One large wall and two smaller mass gravity walls would   terrace the area around the houses. 

Wall one would see a Terramesh® System which was 250m   in length with a face area of 1082m2. Maccaferri’s   Terramesh® System is a modular system used to create a   rock-faced reinforced soil wall, it is globally used   successfully. We use our primary geogrids for reinforcement   within the structure at different levels, ParaGrid is laid in   between layers providing high-strength reinforcement.   Which can support extreme loads. The units are double   twisted wire mesh which is formed into a cage and then   filled— normally with locally sourced rocks. The backfill for   this structure was site won fill. 

The two lower-height gabion walls were a total length of   144m with a volume of 430 m3. 

Our systems are simple and rapid to install, we offer client[1]specific solutions. We are unlike ‘mono-product’ companies   in the fact that we offer plenty of types, we offer a solution   which is optimised to your needs.  

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