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Maccaferri is investing in Operations, a key strategic asset for the group’s growth


Operations involves all processes that turn input resources into finished products and services for the end customer. Operations management covers a wide range of activities, including planning, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics and delivering goods to market. Increasing investments in this area is even more essential for Maccaferri to face the challenges posed by the global context and to achieve our targets.

In an ever-changing socio-economic context, within an increasingly more competitive environment, which has been heavily impacted by the pandemic and by the latest geo-political issues, it is becoming imperative to increasingly focus on Operations. Over the last two years, Maccaferri has pursued a strategy of allocating a considerable part of its investments to improve the division’s efficiency, fully aware that enhanced agility and flexibility in all production processes can achieve greater efficiency while still retaining its competitive advantage over the competition. In June 2021, this approach was intensified with the appointment of Alexandre Marcos Texeira as Group Chief Operating Officer (COO). Alexandre Texeira has extensive knowledge of Maccaferri and its competitive framework. He joined the company as an intern after graduating and has held increasingly senior roles over the years, ranging from the technical and commercial areas to becoming Chief Executive Officer of Latin America Region.

As Alexandre Texeira explained, today’s main objectives of the Operations Team are to improve plant efficiency, to spread best practices and to streamline the global supply chain. In order to pursue these targets, Maccaferri is focusing on developing a team that will be in charge of technological/production improvements in order to keep up with recent Industry 4.0 trends, by collecting input from all Business Units and engaging skilled suppliers. Operations is therefore destined to grow, and such progress will also be supported by new professionals who will play their part in bringing market best practices to Maccaferri. Under the leadership of experienced professionals and teamwork, new talents will retain and further expand the vast pool of skills and know-how that Maccaferri has acquired over time.

Talented young people in a very experienced team have been instrumental in the promising take-off of the Balkans project. A targeted investment programme promoted by the company will bring production capacity into a new state-of-the-art plant. The existing plant will be relocated from Vorë (Tirana, Albania) to Shijak (Durres, Albania), thus making it possible to leverage the company’s production capacity. Access to a better logistics system and a more efficient raw material supply chain will be available, thus aiming to triple the size of the plant and to achieve an adequate level of critical mass. The new plant will become a centre of excellence as a result of the resources allocated and will be among the main production hubs for Double Twist in Europe, given its strategic geographical position on the Mediterranean sea. This initiative, welcomed by the management team and backed by the EMEAR region with an extensive local involvement, provides a great opportunity for growth, following not only the already consolidated footprint of Maccaferri in Albania, but also the outstanding results achieved in 2021 globally.

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