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Expo 2023 is an International Horticultural Expo to be hosted by Doha, Qatar, for a period of 6 months between 2023 and 2024.

Spanning across 1.7 million square meters, the event takes place in the scenic ‘Al Bidda’ park in Doha. The ‘Expo House’ building is planned as a key attraction within the ‘Al Bidda’ park as part of this exposition.

The theme of EXPO 2023 is “Green Desert, Better Environment”, with an aim to encourage, inspire, and educate people about cutting-edge methods to lessen desertification, and this aim is clearly reflected in the design of the Expo House building.

The Expo House is designed in the shape of a semicircle, with a vast open space in front and a fountain as a centerpiece. The benches along the sides of the pavilion form a natural amphitheater, offering stunning views and a perfect spot for the expo’s events and gatherings.

One of the challenges was to adopt the right solution that performs the functions of soil retention, stabilization, plantation, and smart irrigation needs of the project.


Maccaferri was chosen as the technology provider for the GREEN COVER SYSTEM; thanks to the wide range of geosynthetic products in our portfolio that can achieve the varying slope requirements of the artificial green mount in the project.

To stabilize the earth mount and to facilitate vegetation growth along such complex slopes, three different types of geosynthetic products were proposed. The steep, curved external side was proposed to be built as a reinforced soil structure made of Maccaferri Green Terramesh system.

The gentle sloped internal side, where people can walk and sit, was proposed to stabilize using a combination of Macgrid WG geogrids (as a soil reinforcement) and MacWeb geocell (for the topsoil confinement).

All the mount is covered with 20 to 30 cm thickness topsoil for the greenery of the hill, which is planted by using selected plant species such as Pennisetum, Dahlia, and green grass, with a low need for water combined with a localized irrigation system.

In October 2023, the client ASHGHAL succeeded in achieving a new Guinness World Records title, “The Largest Green Roof for the Expo House building.