Breakwaters and Groynes

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Breakwaters and Groynes

Breakwaters can be located offshore or connected to the shoreline and typically protect marine infrastructure from waves and current action. The breakwater dissipates offshore wave energy, generating calm water basins where port activities can be successfully and safely developed. 

Historically, these structures consisted of rubble mounds protected on both sides by armour layers made of large natural stones or artificial concrete blocks. Replacing rubble mound core material with MacTubes® filled with dredged material (sand or silt) can be an effective alternative allowing to speed up construction activity and to reduce breakwater overall costs. 

Solutions in one with client’s needs. Submerged structures are often used for the containment of the seaward-facing foot of artificial nourishments, operating together to provide beach protection. We assist designers and construction companies by offering solutions that consider the availability of materials, environmental requirements and construction methodology selected by the Contractor. Technical solutions can include MacTubes® and/or MacBags® where there is sand readily available. Gabions and Reno or Marine mattresses are considered in cases where quarries are located at a reasonable distance.

Our groyne solutions and innovations

Maccaferri technical solutions can be successfully applied for the construction of groynes. If sand is locally available, MacTubes® can be used to build the groyne core, meanwhile gabions and Reno or marine mattresses can be used to protect the core from wave and current action. A well-designed filter layer separating the new structure from the existing seabed is vital for the ongoing performance of the groyne, however the traditional geotextile filter fabric is buoyant in sea-water, complicating its installation. 

We patented the Ballasted Filter Mattress (BFM) to solve this problem by enabling the placement of a protection, separation or filtration textile on the sea-bed with ease.