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Reno Mattress Plus


Traditional river bank protections made with loose stones (rip-rap) require a thick layer of material to be effective. This is due to the fact that the stones are not confined and that the stones layer cannot be accurately placed, resulting in higher stone consumption and, consequently, increasing the environmental burden. 

Traditional Reno Mattresses are over-designed river bank protections compared to the actual load they are subjected to.

Reno Mattress Plus is the result of the experimental tests at Colorado State University. A deeper understanding of the performance of the mattress enabled us to make more cost-effective designs, giving to our solutions an increased competitiveness in comparison to equivalent and alternative (traditional) systems.

Named after one of the first interventions carried out by Maccaferri over 100 years ago, the Reno Mattress® is now synonymous with hydraulic works and erosion protection projects worldwide.

At the same time, at Maccaferri we strongly believe in innovation!

Innovation in terms of solutions and products is an important part of the evolution of successful companies.

Reno Mattress Plus is the result of innovative experimental tests. A deeper understanding of the performance of the mattress enables us to make more cost-effective designs that gave to the Reno Mattress solution an increase competitiveness.

In application with high values of shear stress, Reno Mattress Plus is over 73% more efficient than rip-rap.


This solution reduces the environmental footprint of a riverbank protection. This is due to savings of materials and transportation. Furthermore, Reno Mattress Plus creates a natural habitat for living species, enhancing biodiversity through the protection of the benthos: the interstitial spaces of the mattress offer a habitat for species that live in the transition zone between water and land.

Finally, Reno Mattress Plus is easier to install, even in steep slope conditions, thanks to its robust doble diaphragms which speed up its setup process.