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Safety Barriers

Safety barriers are specifically designed and planned to prevent vehicles from leaving highways or railways and straying onto other infrastructure, into pedestrian areas or into buildings.

Maccaferri experience: Using our skills in reinforced soil structures, we designed and manufactured barrier solutions for the Milan-Bologna and Milan-Turin high-speed railway line to prevent vehicles from leaving the motorway and crashing onto the railway.

This specific reinforced soil structure, Duna, was installed for many kilometres on these projects. Recognising that ease of installation is a key factor for our clients, we fabricated Duna units to be completely pre-assembled in the factory including the various facing types. This minimised the construction effort, saving time and costs on the project site. 

The impact knowledge is founded on our experience of rockfall and debris flow embankments. Our new MacSafe system has been developed to address the increasing threat of hostile vehicle incursions and the need to upgrade security in public places. Using tried and tested impact energy absorption technology, learned from our deep experience in rockfall protection barriers, this technology also performs against human threats.