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Antwerp’s Oosterweel: a sustainable mobility
In February 2018, the city of Antwerp launched a major infrastructure project to develop the Oosterweel Link, in order to make it the best mobility solution for citizens. Maccaferri was involved in the project development, offering the city its proven technical experience and an innovative solution portfolio.Read
Innovative MacMat® R: Tackling Slope Erosion in Chittagong, Bangladesh
Maccaferri’s MacMat® R is the perfect solution for mitigating slope erosion along the 16-kilometre expressway construction project in Chittagong, Bangladesh. This innovative reinforced geomat offers reliable erosion control, promotes vegetation growth, and ensures slope stability, creating safer and more sustainable landscapes.Read
Interview with Stefano Rignanese
We had a chat with Stefano Rignanese, former trainee in Maccaferri’s “Young Engineer” programme.Read
Let’s have a chat with Mirco Pedrazzi
We interviewed Mirco Pedrazzi, a young Corporate Controller who joined us a few months ago and is already involved in a key project for the Group’s growth.Read
Let’s have a talk with Francesco Lipartiti
From India to Belgium, from Finance division to HR, a career across four continents. We have talked to Francesco Lipartiti, current Chief Operating Officer for the ISEAP region.Read
Let’s have a talk with Vikramjiet Roy
We have talked to Vikramjiet Roy, one of India’s “Top 25 leaders in times of crisis working in medium-sized companies”, a ranking promoted by Great Place to Work that also rewarded leaders from companies such as HP, Randstad and S&P Global.Read
Maccaferri blends with art: Chambéry project
A complex engineering project related to a motorway interchange carried out by Maccaferri in France has been decorated with a painting of a natural landscapeRead
Maccaferri HELLOMAC system in Hong Kong and Australia
HELLOMAC is the latest alert system from Maccaferri developed to monitor rockfall protections. The system can monitor rockfall events in remote areas which might be difficult to access and in area very near to urban areas for an immediate intervention. Read
Maccaferri riverbank protection solutions in Bangladesh
Maccaferri offers a wide range of riverbank erosion protection solutions that can be used in Bangladesh where bank erosion is an endemic and recurrent natural hazard. Read
Maccaferri Workshop in Vientiane Laos
Maccaferri and WinSteel Trade Co. will hold a workshop in Vientiane Plaza, in Vientiane Laos PDR on June 21st, 2023.Read
Maccaferri’s First Gabions Project in Bangladesh
Maccaferri’s pioneering project in Bangladesh stabilises slopes and prevents soil erosion using Gabions, mitigating landslide risks effectively.Read

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