When channelling is necessary. The canalization of a water course involves constructing a channel with a designed cross-section to meet the flow characteristics and capacity required. This can be to control the meandering of a river through a built up area, or in the vicinity of infrastructure. Without this managed containment, the water course would be free to erode and cause problems. Where channels transport clean water flow through polluted ground, or vice-versa, the channel may be lined to render it impermeable, for example in agricultural irrigation schemes.

Why a protective lining is needed. To maintain the long-term performance of these channels, a protective lining is often applied to the banks and, if required, to the channel bed. Without protection, erosion of the channel will occur as a result of the hydraulic shear stresses acting on the soil’s surface.

The channel lining serves many functions:
– reduction of water losses by seepage
– improved bank stability
– erosion protection
– provision of a predetermined value of bank roughness, hence channel flow capacity

Benefits of our channelling solutions. We offer clients a wide range of channelling solutions, to suit most hydraulic applications. Regardless of the selected solution, common characteristics are:
– Strength and durability
– Flexibility
– Economy
– Permeability or impermeability depending on need
– Predetermined roughness
– Beneficial environmental impact

Reducing water flow velocity reduces erosion. The selected lining protects the channel from erosion by increasing the shear resistance of the channel, and reducing the velocity of water flow at the soil surface. Lower velocity at the soil-water interface means less erosion.

A century of experience combined with modern innovations. We have over a century of experience in water control and channelling structures. Our solutions are based on this expertise, but also include modern innovations such as environmentally friendly coatings and soil bioengineering techniques.

Understanding the project is a vital first step. Our engineers start with understanding the clients problems and the water forces to be controlled. Using our Mac.R.A 1 and 2 design software, we design channels, longitudinal and transverse structures, such as weirs.
Our range of erosion protection systems. We offer a graded logical range of hydraulic erosion protection systems, all selected to be simple to install. The systems range from lightweight biodegradable mats, through to our renowned Reno Mattresses offering high performance, long-term protection.

Satisfying both engineers and ecologists. We often combine man-made systems with soil bioengineering techniques such as live planting and brush-mattresses to provide a ‘best-of-both-worlds’ solution that satisfies engineers and ecologists alike.



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