The use of soil nailing. Soil Nailing is a technique that can be used either on natural or excavated slopes, where the slope is reinforced by the insertion of tendons. The nails address the global slope stability, which are connected in turn to a facing system which provides surficial stability.

Our range of solutions. Our numerous rockfall mitigation and erosion protection systems can provide solutions for the local surface stability including:
– “Hard” flexible systems (double twisted wire mesh, HEA panels, SteelGrid® HR or MacNat® R
– “Soft” (MacMat®) facing is used at the surface of the slope.

How the facing works and what it does. The facing covers the exposed face of the reinforced soil and may provide a stabilising function to retain the ground between the soil nails, provide erosion protection and promote the revegetation of the slope.

The system:
– provides stability while vegetation becomes established,
– improves the soil shear strength and erosion protection
– connects the unstable surficial layers with the stabilized deep slope

Our BIOS design software assists the selection of the product used for flexible and soft facings.

Our additional products for specific needs. We have also developed a range of products (bolts, facing accessories) to fulfil the specific requirements of flexible structural facing (mesh + deep nails) and soft facing (mesh + short nails).



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