Maccaferri are Emerald Sponsors for AGS Annual Conference 2024

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08 February 2024

Maccaferri are Emerald Sponsors for AGS Annual Conference 2024

Maccaferri, a global leader in geotechnical engineering and construction solutions, is set to exhibit its cutting-edge products and technologies at the upcoming American Geotechnical Society (AGS) Annual Conference 2024.

The AGS Annual Conference, renowned for bringing together experts, professionals, and industry leaders in the field of geotechnical engineering, will provide a platform for Maccaferri to showcase its advanced Geosolutions. The conference is scheduled to take place from 25/04/2024 at One Great George Street in London.

Maccaferri’s booth at the conference will feature a range of geotechnical solutions designed to address the evolving challenges faced by the industry. Attendees can expect to explore innovations in soil reinforcement, erosion control, and geosynthetic materials that contribute to sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Key highlights from Maccaferri’s at the AGS Annual Conference 2024 include:

1. Geotechnical engineering Solutions: Maccaferri will present its latest advancements in soil reinforcement and stabilization techniques, offering attendees insights into improving the performance and lifespan of various infrastructure projects.

2. Erosion Control Technologies: With a focus on environmental sustainability, Maccaferri will showcase erosion control solutions that mitigate the impact of natural forces on soil and water, promoting responsible construction practices.

3. Geosynthetic Innovations: The exhibition will feature Maccaferri’s state-of-the-art geosynthetic materials, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness in a wide range of geotechnical applications, including retaining walls, embankments, and drainage systems.

4. Case Studies and Success Stories: Maccaferri experts will be on hand to share real-world examples and case studies, illustrating the successful implementation of their solutions in diverse projects around the globe.

Visitors to the Maccaferri booth will have the opportunity to engage with the company’s technical experts, gaining valuable insights and expertise in geotechnical engineering. As a thought leader in the industry, Maccaferri aims to contribute to the exchange of knowledge and ideas that define the future of geotechnical engineering.

Maccaferri invites all conference attendees to visit their booth and explore the possibilities of integrating advanced geotechnical solutions into their projects. The company is excited to be a part of the AGS Annual Conference 2024, fostering collaboration and innovation within the geotechnical engineering community.