Safety and noise barriers

Enabling urbanisation: As today’s societies urbanise, people and infrastructure are forced closer together. We endeavour to provide solutions to this, addressing potential conflicts and providing solutions to mitigating the risks of safety and noise.

Simple to construct reinforced soil bunds or gabion walls can provide effective visual and acoustic screening.

Accidental or hostile: Experience and technology, taken from our natural hazard mitigation solutions (where we stop and contain large rockfalls or debris flows using barriers and embankments) can be transferred into providing solutions to mitigate human threats. For example, vehicles leaving a highway either accidentally or deliberately have to be stopped before they can threaten the safety of people or property.

Military and Civilian: Todays hostile threats are as likely to affect civilians as well as service personnel. Our force protection bastions were first used in WW1 and the original philosophy remains true today; to provide rapid to deploy effective troop protection from blast, ballistic or vehicular attack.



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