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Aquaculture Nets / Cages

According to FAO, aquatic food production is forecast to increase and provide a growing population with healthy and nutritious foods. Many communities across the world rely on aquaculture supplies as a source of food-security and employment. 

Maccaferri Kikkonet is the net for technology-driven fish farming. Made from polyester monofilament double twisted mesh, Kikkonet offers a 20 year+ design life. The mesh is structurally stable, enabling net pens to be used in more exposed conditions than before; also, its excellent stiffness repels predators with ease, preventing biting, entanglement and chafing damage. The smooth gloss surface of the mesh means less biofouling and less down-time due to cleaning operations.

Today, aquaculture supplies more than half of the world’s fish for human consumption, therefore technological improvement and efficiency are critical aspect of the production. When used within aquaculture net pens, farm operators benefit from Maccaferri Kikkonet and its unique combination of features.