Tailor-made solutionsMaccaferri has over 130 years of experience within the transportation infrastructure sector

Extensive involvement in projects of all sizes reassures our clients that we have the capability to understand their infrastructure problems and can also tailor solutions to meet specific requirements. Regardless of the size of a client’s infrastructure project, Maccaferri can help.

Environmentally sound. We endeavour to offer clients best value and environmentally sound solutions: selecting from a wide range of products to maximise the opportunity to reuse site-won materials and drive down the carbon footprint of the solution. The environmental impact of the solution is important, but so are the manufacturing processes.

Structures for Vegetation and Aesthetics. We are concerned about the environment and we always aim to reduce the carbon footprint within our product manufacturing by using recycled steel whenever possible and installing photovoltaic systems at our factories. We have recently introduced more environmentally-friendly coatings to our steel wires. Whenever possible we try to integrate vegetation into our structures to recreate habitats and soften aesthetics.

Our support system is always near you. Thanks to our vertical integration, from product development and manufacturing to design and construction services, we are able to minimize the risk and reduce the costs facing our clients. Moreover, our global presence – with factories and offices around the world – means that our technical support is always near you. This gives us the capacity to tackle major infrastructure projects, with the local knowledge to assist on small scale community projects.



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