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03 July 2023

Join our informative webinars for free

Join our informative webinars for free.

We offer free live webinars throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to gain more knowledge, to see our products and solutions and find the right information you need. 

We provide you with information about our new technologies, our solutions and projects. 

We also offer CPD sessions where Area Engineers come to your company and present. We have many topics we can cover in one session, or we can create a bespoke session just for you. 

We also provide free lunch at our CPD sessions, if you’d like to get involved in what we can offer you then all you have to do is register, give your consent so we can send you the links, and then be part of the Maccaferri community. 

We will send you an email with links to the webinars that are coming up, links to download our free software, opportunities to book CPD sessions with our Area Engineers and give you insight to our latest tech news. 

We send no more than 2 mails a month, nothing we send out is spam.

Thank you for reading, 

Maccaferri Ltd