I54 Reinforced Soil Bund in Staffordshire wins ICE Award

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03 July 2023

I54 Reinforced Soil Bund in Staffordshire wins ICE Award

The I54 reinforced soil bund won the ICE West Midlands Geotechnical Award 2022.

Maccaferri designed and manufactured the reinforced soil bund on the i54 in Staffordshire 

The i54 reinforced soil bund is a 260m long, 6.5m max. height, double sided reinforced soil structure located on the western boundary of the i54 Business Park running parallel to Lawn Lane, Pendeford, South Staffordshire. 

The function of the bund was to discharge a planning condition to provide a landscaped screen between the new extension of the i54 Business Park and Pendeford Hall nature reserve & caravan park located on the opposite side of Lawn Lane. 

Geometric constraints meant it was not feasible to construct a bund with shallow slopes to the required height so a double sided reinforced soil structure built with Maccaferri Mineral Terramesh and Paragridreinforcing geogrids were the chosen solution. 

Site won sandstone was crushed to meet the requirements of class 1A granular fill and used to construct the reinforced soil structures either side of a site won cohesive material core to the bund. 

Maccaferri worked with AFS Earthmoving & Aggregates LLP, Amey Consulting,  and Staffordshire County Council. 


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