The longest Paramesh wall in Southeast Asia 

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19 July 2022

The longest Paramesh wall in Southeast Asia 

The longest Paramesh wall in Southeast Asia has been completed in Myanmar, near Yangon city.

A 3.2 km Paramesh wall has been completed in Myanmar, near Yangon city.  The Maccaferri solution was chosen to widen the original road from 6 m to 12 m and to solve the critical hydraulic instability problems. 


The Twantay – Maubin road connects Twantay, a township near Yangon city and Maubin, a town in the Ayeyarwady Division of south-west Myanmar. The road plays an important role for the economic development of the area and brings important social benefits to villages near Maubin. A major part of the road network goes through the Ayeyarwady delta which is characterized by low land and flat terrain and by the formation of swampy lands.  


 This existing 6 m width road was constantly exposed to flooding and the embankment was subjected to failures and erosion. This scenario prompted the Ministry of Construction to look for a long-term solution. The solution chosen consists in widening the original width of the road from 6 to 12 m and solving the critical hydraulic instability problems.    


 Maccaferri, in collaboration with the local partner Authentic Trading, was entrusted by the Ministry of Construction in Myanmar to complete the 3.2 km Paramesh hybrid soil reinforcement system.   


The project started in February 2021 and was successfully completed within 1 year.   


 Maccaferri offered the complete solution comprising of the following products that were used:  


  • Maccaferri Reno Mattress®, for embankment surface protection against erosion.  
  • Maccaferri MacGrid®, to tackle the basal failure especially at the locations with soft foundation soil.  
  • Maccaferri Paramesh hybrid system, which consists of Terramesh® System and ParaLink® coupled with MacDrain® and MacTex®, to construct the reinforced soil wall.  
  • Gabion® and MacLine®, to construct temporary cofferdam to facilitate the Terramesh® installation at areas with high water level.  


 Known to be the most robust reinforced soil system, also in very seismic areas like Myanmar, Paramesh hybrid system has proven that it has no geographical limitation for the system to work effectively.  


 For more information about this project, please contact us.