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31 August 2022

Maccaferri riverbank protection solutions in Bangladesh

Maccaferri offers a wide range of riverbank erosion protection solutions that can be used in Bangladesh where bank erosion is an endemic and recurrent natural hazard.

Bangladesh, due to its geographical location, is severely affected by riverbank erosion problems. Maccaferri offers a graded, logical range of hydraulic erosion protection techniques (such as Macmat® R, Reno Mattress®, Gabion, Terramesh® system) so that the level of intervention is appropriate to the erosion risk faced. 


Bangladesh is located in the lower part of the delta where the world’s three largest rivers the Ganges, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna meet the sea. Due to this geographical location, the rivers of Bangladesh are morphologically very active which is evident from the continuous widespread bank erosion, channel shifting and sedimentation processes. Riverbank erosion problem in Bangladesh is a regular phenomenon and the country is constantly facing huge socio-economic problems. Bangladesh, on average, loses more than 8,000 ha of land annually due to bank erosion. Despite the fact that a large number of riverbank protective works have been implemented only a few of them have been efficient.    


Longitudinal structures along the rivers are built to protect the river against erosion during flood, to stabilize riverbank, and to protect infrastructures (villages, roads, railways, highways, airports, etc.).   


Maccaferri offers two main groups of solutions: revetments, which role is to protect riverbanks from scour generated by river action, and retaining walls, where the need of scour protection is combined with the soil retaining function. Revetments are usually made by Reno Mattresses® and Macmat® R, while Retaining structures may use Gabions, Terramesh® System or Green Terramesh®.  


Macmat® R is a geomat made from a three-dimensional matrix of UV stabilized, nondegradable synthetic fibres, heat bonded where they cross, extruded onto a double twisted steel woven mesh.   


Reno Mattresses® are cages, engineered from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. Their main characteristic is a large surface area and a small height.  


Gabions are rectangular prism shaped elements which can be divided into cells by the insertion of diaphragms.   


Terramesh is a modular system used for soil reinforcement applications which can be with a gabion facing (Terramesh® System) or a vegetated one (Green Terramesh®).  


BSRM is Maccaferri local distributor in Bangladesh. 


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