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Reinforced Soil Walls and Slope Reinforcement


City of Frisco

Keller - North America

Halff Associates, Inc.



The concept for this project was initiated in 2001 with the  primary objective of establishing a central trail spine that   would interconnect all six cities. It marked a pioneering   effort in regional trail planning within the state of Texas. A   crucial segment of the plan involves addressing the West   Rowlett Creek, located just north of the Sam Rayburn   Tollway, which is prone to significant stormwater runoff that   poses potential risks of erosion and damage to a section of   the walking trails. The integration of this trail connection   holds significant importance as it forms a vital component of   the Frisco Hike & Bike Master Plan, which envisions an   extensive network of trails spanning hundreds of miles over   the next two decades. Furthermore, the plan encompasses   strategies to establish linkages between existing trails in   Frisco and neighboring cities, enhancing overall connectivity   and accessibility for the community.  


The civil engineers at Halff successfully designed and  implemented a tie-back reinforced gabion retaining wall to   act as the slope toe along the section of the trail that runs   alongside West Rowlett Creek. This retaining wall serves a   critical function in stabilizing the slope and ensuring the structural integrity of the trail. Despite being a relatively   short trail, its significance lies in its role as a key connection,   facilitating vital linkages within the trail network. In recent   times, construction crews have completed 0.34 miles of trail   on the Six Cities Trail connector, which is an integral   component of the larger Collin County Regional Trail Master   Plan. This milestone represents a substantial advancement   towards achieving the comprehensive trail network   envisioned in the master plan, enhancing accessibility and   connectivity across the region.

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Maccaferri Gabion is a Double-Twisted “DT” wire mesh container of variable sizes uniformly partitioned into internal cells, interconnected with othView