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Constructing Embankments over Soft Soils with our High Strength Geogrids


Our composite geogrids are an effective soil reinforcement solution

Our unique geosynthetic grids offer a 120 year design life and performance, allowing to reinforce embankments and other reinforced soil structures under various conditions, including the presence of soft soils with low bearing capacity. The high quality of our high strength geogrids is certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

Soft soils are widely present in Russia, especially in the central regions. Peat and peaty soils, silts and high-consistency clay soils fall into the category of soft soils. Such geological conditions pose a problem for building embankments, as there is a risk of subsidence due to soft soils’ poor load bearing capacity. This issue should be addressed with an appropriate soil reinforcement solution.

- Our geogrids are unique due to their polyester fibres. Their special features ensure a 120 year design life and high performance

Our special high strength geogrids can solve the issue of embankment reinforcement under the following conditions:

  • Soft or subsiding soils
  • Filling of pile-supported embankments
  • Construction of slopes with laying angle up to 70°
  • Forming slopes requiring slides prevention
  • Management of tailings and dumps
  • Construction of gravity retaining walls of any configuration

Our geogrids are unique due to their polyester fibres. Each strip consists of thousands of low-deformation and chemical-resistant polyester threads, which are coated with high-density polyethylene by vacuum pressing. The strips are then processed with special rollers to make their surface textured. This is essential for a better adherence of the material to the ground. Their special features ensure a 120 year design life and high performance.


Our high strength geogrids range includes three products:

  • ParaGrid®, offering a tensile strength from 30 kN/m to 200 kN/m in the longitudinal direction. This geogrid is commonly used in reinforced soil structures.
  • ParaLink®, an ultra strong reinforcement geogrid with tensile strength ranging from 200 kN/m to 1,350 kN/m. It is used in high performance basal reinforcement applications ‒ such as the construction of embankments over soft soils ‒ and in reinforced soil structures exposed to high loads.
  • ParaDrain®, a unique material that combines soil reinforcement and drainage functions. Each composite strip has a notch or drainage channel. It distributes excessive pore pressure and contributes to the removal of excess moisture from the embankment mass. Drainage channels are covered with a geotextile filter, which lets water pass but prevents clogging.

Manufactured by Linear Composites Ltd., which is part of the Maccaferri’s industrial group, in two plants in the UK and India, our ‘Para’ products are certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA). Moreover, they have been tested by the NTPEP (National Transportation Product Evaluation Program) and standardized according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Some examples of successful geogrid reinforcement projects are the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) tank farm, where ParaLink® was used to construct a reinforced soil embankment retaining a large-sized oil tank over soft soils and the Mikheevsky GOK crushing plant, where ParaLink® and ParaGrid® reinforce a 30 m high retaining wall withstanding high loads from quarry dump trucks weighing up to 330 tons.

Our engineers can provide highly specialized technical support for construction projects on various soil types. Leave your request or call us and we will find the key to your technical problems.

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