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GRTM Groutmaster

The GRTM SR10 Series family has been developed for projects requiring soil improvement without disturbance of the original soil volume and texture. It is easily injected into fine joints and fissures in rock and for the consolidation of sand and silt based strata. GRTM properties are particularly well suited for the following uses:
– Pre-injection grouting for tunnelling projects
– Waterproofing of existing tunnels
– Mining applications for waterproofing and stabilisation
– Slope stabilisation in rock
– As a component of ground improvement technique

GRTM SR10 is an inorganic pre-mixed sodium-silicate grout, which forms a gel solution able to penetrate low permeability soils under normal temperature conditions. A crystalline structure is created which is similar to that obtained from the hydration of cement.

Only water needs to be added to trigger the initial gelification reaction and the hardening process, which is constant and progressive until the materials are neutralised.
The gel time can be customized according to the design requirement, within a range of 50-70mins.


Groutexp is a premixed mortar that is produced from inorganic chemicals and cement. When mixed with water and reinforced with fibreglass, it can be used to fill cavities. It is used in tunnelling works.

Poli_R + Iso_R

A two-part polyurethane mixture used for consolidation of soils within tunnelling works.


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