Fibromac Maccaferri

DOSO dosage machines for Wirand® and FibroMac™

Maccaferri machines are used to provide the appropriate dosage of Wirand® steel fibres or FibroMac™ synthetic fibres into the concrete mix, in the production of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC).

The dosage equipment can be integrated within our client’s concrete plant or stand alone to suit the project scale and client requirements. The DOSO equipment for Wirand® steel fibres and POLYDOSO for FibroMac™ synthetic fibres consists of a variety of weighing, separation and dispensing systems to deliver the predetermined dosage of fibres into the mix.
Dosage by vibration (DOSO) or air pressure (POLYDOSO), ensure the even dispersal of the fibres into the rest of the concrete mix ingredients.


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