Let’s have a chat with Moiza Shah

We interviewed Moiza Shah, Head of Marketing ISEAP, who explores with us the opportunities offered by working in the marketing sector. Hi Moiza, tell us a bit about yourself, which is your current role in Maccaferri? I have just entered my seventh year at Maccaferri. I started my professional career at Maccaferri in the India… Read more »

Let’s have a chat with Mirco Pedrazzi

We interviewed Mirco Pedrazzi, a young Corporate Controller who joined us a few months ago and is already involved in a key project for the Group’s growth. Hi Mirco, tell us a bit about yourself, which is your current role in Officine Maccaferri? I am now working as a Controller in the Corporate Management Control… Read more »

Bridging education and work: the experience of Maccaferri Latin America

A sound business is rooted in the management’s ability to invest in the growth of human resources and work alongside universities to provide the tools for tomorrow’s employees. Maccaferri Latin America has always recognized the value of investing in education, by supporting young researchers and facilitating the entry of new profiles into the company. The… Read more »

Dubai’s Museum of the Future: a glance into innovation

Discover how Maccaferri contributed to this eclectic structure, designed through an algorithm and defined as one of the most innovative buildings in the world, that aims to host technologies, projects and discussions bound to shape humanity’s future. With the aim of supporting UAE’s mission to boost global innovation, in 2015, PM Mohammed bin Rashid launched… Read more »

A conversation with Gianluca Dell’Acqua

Gianluca Dell’Acqua, the first to introduce BIM for linear infrastructures at academic level in Italy, is professor of Roads, Railways and Airports of the Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering at the Federico II University of Naples. Can you describe what BIM is and in which fields can it be used? BIM is an… Read more »

Let’s have a talk with Francesco Lipartiti

From India to Belgium, from Finance division to HR, a career across four continents. We have talked to Francesco Lipartiti, current Chief Operating Officer for the ISEAP region. What’s your current role in Maccaferri? For about a year now, I have been working as Chief Operating Officer for ISEAP, a large and diverse Region encompassing… Read more »

EROSION CONTROL: Environmental protection through engineering

It is a primary source for the sustenance of the Earth and therefore for our own survival, but the space it gains in the public debate is very limited. This is the reason why we should pay attention to the soil and its protection. Soil, like water and air, is an invaluable source of biodiversity…. Read more »