Riverbank Protection Works for Vennar River, Tamil Nadu

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17 October 2023

Riverbank Protection Works for Vennar River, Tamil Nadu

Maccaferri’s gabions were used as permanent solution in order to protect the riverbank as well as to control erosion of the riverbed.

Hydraulic works using Reno Mattress® as launching apron and Gabion wall for toe protection were carried out to protect the riverbank.

Vennar is a tributary of the Kaveri River passing through Trichy and Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, India. The right bank of the Vennar river at mile 49/2-7 in Kalanjeri village, just above the Saliamangalam – Papanasam road bridge, slid down vertically to a length of about 250 metres in November 2011 due to the northeast monsoon. Temporary restoration works were carried out regularly but sliding continued in every monsoon season leading to the adoption of permanent solution to protect the riverbank.

To address this issue, the Public Works Department (PWD) of Tamil Nadu adopted an innovative approach and decided to use gabion structures instead of traditional RCC retaining walls. Gabion structures are flexible, durable, and self-draining. A 4.5-meter-high gabion retaining wall was designed based on the site’s conditions and launching apron of 0.3m thickness and 4m wide using mattress was provided for scour protection.

The gabion structure successfully withstood more than seven complete irrigation periods, and no settlements were observed.

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