Debris Flow Barriers

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Debris Flow Barriers


Debris flows and shallow landslides are highly mobile liquefied landslides containing a variety of materials from fine particles to large boulders and tree branches. They are caused by excessive water on and within slopes, caused by rainfall, glacier melt or similar. The likelihood of debris flows is increased when vegetation and other surface protection have been removed from vulnerable slopes, perhaps by wildfire or clearance. 

Debris flows tend to be channeled by the topography. Left unchecked, debris flows can damage or disrupt infrastructure, or block watercourses, leading to significant destruction. Our Debris Flow Barriers are positioned within the path of the debris flow or shallow landslide, often in natural gullies, channels or chutes on the slope. They are customized to suit the dimensions of the project, the anticipated debris material and the expected volume of the flow and incorporate specific energy absorption elements to restrain the flow.

Our barriers are quick and easy to install and not intrusive for the environment: they can be removed leaving the foundation intact and be reinstalled if risks from debris flows increase in the future.