Pavement Strengthening at Agartala – Khowai Road, Tripura

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27 March 2024

Pavement Strengthening at Agartala – Khowai Road, Tripura

Maccaferri’s MacGrid®EG was installed at the top & bottom of the granular subbase layer to improve the load bearing capacity & effective CBR.

Maccaferri’s biaxial polypropylene geogrids were placed within unbound granular layers to improve the performance of the pavement.

The Agartala – Khowai road section was facing severe cracks & depression on the surface and was unable to withstand the existing intended design life due to increased traffic. There was a need to reduce the pressure coming on to the pavement sub layers and to reclaim the structure for its future use. To address the issue National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) decided to rehabilitate and upgrade the section into two lanes with paved shoulder on NH-108B in the state of Tripura, India. 

After considering the site condition, Maccaferri’s sustainably innovative geosynthetics solutions were installed to reinforce the subgrade layer of the pavement using biaxial polypropylene geogrid (MacGrid® EG). An embankment having a top width of 15m with paved & earthen shoulders by the inclusion of 2 layers of Extruded biaxial pp geogrid was constructed. The first layer was placed at the interface of Granular sub-base (GSB) layer & Sub-grade layer and another layer at the interface between of GSB & the Granular base.  

The solution of reinforcing the pavement layers by using biaxial extruded geogrid (MacGrid EG) resulted in improving the load bearing capacity and overall property in terms of CBR. It stabilizes the granular layer by ensuring lateral confinement of granular material, tension membrane effect and improved bearing capacity. 

The solution has helped to improve the CBR, Resilient Modulus and improve the Load Bearing Capacity of the pavement by the following mechanism: 

(a) lateral restraint 

(b) improved bearing capacity 

(c) tension membrane effect. 

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