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Landslide Mitigation Solutions at Birahi, Uttarakhand

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27 February 2023

Landslide Mitigation Solutions at Birahi, Uttarakhand

Maccaferri Terramesh® system was constructed to rehabilitate a landslide zone at Birahi, including reinforced geomats, anchors, and geostrips.

Landslides are among the major geological hazards that affect large parts of the Himalayas. In June 2013, a major cloud burst in the state of Uttarakhand resulted in many landslides with the major causes being overburden, runoff, high rainfall, toe erosion & improper drainage. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways decided to undertake the rehabilitation of landslide zone at Birahi which falls under high seismic zone on NH-58. 

Maccaferri’s sustainable solutions were implemented successfully with least disturbance on the hill side and environment using locally available soil. On the hillside, MacMat® R (reinforced geomat) was installed to control surface erosion. 3 m long self-drilling anchors were provided at a spacing of 3 m in the longitudinal and transverse directions to provide surficial stability.

On the valley side, reinforced slope of 25 m height was constructed using Terramesh® system reinforced with Paralink® (high strength geostrip) to stabilize 12 m wide road. 3 m high flexible wall was constructed using gabion for toe protection. MacTex® geotextile was used for separation and filtration at the backside of the Gabion and Terramesh®. MacDrain® geocomposite was installed as a drainage layer.

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