Maccaferri’s Rockfall Mitigation Measures at Rabale, Maharashtra

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29 November 2022

Maccaferri’s Rockfall Mitigation Measures at Rabale, Maharashtra

Rockfall mitigation work at Rabale using Maccaferri’s MacRO systems

Maccaferri secured drapery systems were installed at Rabale, Maharashtra as Rockfall mitigation solution. These solutions are optimal and effective for the critical locations and designed via in-house software. 


Rabale is located between the residential suburbs of Airoli and Ghansoli on the Thane-Belapur Road in Navi Mumbai. A walkway has been constructed near the Amazon building by cutting the slope at a height varying from 13m to 25.7m with a 75-80degree slope angle and approximately 110m of stretch. 


The problem of rockfall was observed from the top portion of the cut slope which is dangerous and can pose harm to the people using the passage. After studying the geological and topographical details, suitable rockfall mitigation solutions were devised to contain rocks falling from the face. To protect the area from falling rock, a simple drapery system is proposed along with top nails and bottom nails and anchor fasteners on rock slopes to contain loose and falling debris. 


Maccaferri Steelgrid MO was selected as the mesh for the simple and secured drapery systems to satisfy this requirement. The MacRO1 and MacRO2 were used to design the secured and simple drapery system respectively. Subsurface drainage system has been implemented by using 4m long perforated PVC pipe (lined with non-woven Geotextile) of 50mm internal dia. spaced at 3m c/c spacing in longitudinal direction (in 3-5 rows). 


Maccaferri offers range of solutions which are developed using advanced design tools and in accordance with latest technical design standard. Our solutions are known for time and cost savings as it can be installed quickly and uses on-site fill which reduces cost significantly. 


To know more about our Rockfall Mitigation solutions, contact us at [email protected].