Erosion control measures for Railway Embankments 

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31 August 2021

Erosion control measures for Railway Embankments 

The embankment slope may fail or erode or may move downward due to the reasons such as heavy precipitation during the rainy season, improper drainage network and steep gradient, exposed surface without vegetated soil cover. 


Denudation of vegetation from soil slopes or the lack of vegetative cover on embankment slopes is often responsible for formation of rills and rain-cuts, eventually leading to a surficial slide or to an undermining of the edges of the railway structure. 


One such railway embankment along Bhaupur-Khurja stretch as part of Dedicated Freight Corridor construction, where different erosion control solutions were considered based on the slope height of embankment to be protected. The solutions included the application of hydroseeding with hydraulically applied erosion control products (HECPs), seeds, bio-stimulants etc. with biodegradable jutemat (BioMac JU) (for embankment height more than 8m) and hydroseeding with HECPs, seeds, bio-stimulants etc. for embankment height upto 8m. These solutions are conforming to RDSO GE: 04 guideline. 


The erosion control mat support young vegetation, and anchor growing roots and HECPs facilitate erosion control and vegetation establishment. These provide immediate erosion protection while creating an environment that assists in accelerating vegetative establishment. These also provide seed coverage and reduce splash erosion, improve soil structure and nutrients, reduce surface crust formation, detain and reduce runoff, moderate soil temperature. 


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