Soil Veneer Applications


Risks with low friction angle surfaces. When placing soil onto surfaces with a low friction angle, there is the risk that the soil will slump from the slope. This situation is surprisingly common and is encountered when capping landfills, on the banks of reservoirs, lakes, dams and elsewhere. When soil veneer support may be required In… Read more »



Problems with liquid waste. The disposal of liquid waste materials is expensive, difficult to transport and can lead to further contamination. Maccaferri geotextiles make disposal easier and more cost-effective Removing the water component from the liquid waste reduces the volume of the waste. MacTube® and MacBag® geotextile tubes and bags are used for dewatering industrial slurries, mine tailings,… Read more »

Weirs, Culverts and Transverse Structures

Over a century of experience in transverse structures. Transverse Structures are used to control dynamic hydraulic flows carrying solids or sediments. These structures obstruct the flow, changing its hydraulic behaviour and its ability to erode. We have over a century of experience in the selection of appropriate transverse structures, used to control water channel flow. Maccaferri… Read more »

Waterproofing of Reservoirs, Lakes and Channels

The many functions of waterproofing and lining Waterproofing of reservoirs, lakes and channels serves many functions, whether to provide storm water attenuation ponds, or prevent contaminated water polluting the ground. These containment structures are used within many market sectors including; – Slurry ponds in agriculture – Leachate lagoons in mine workings – Storm water attenuation… Read more »

Vertical Walls with Concrete Facing Panels

Situations that require our cost-effective concrete wall panels solutions Where only a narrow construction corridor is available, or a reinforced soil structure with a vertical face in urban areas is required, we offer clients our cost-effective engineered solutions through vertical concrete wall panels. Building in tight urban areas and mines. These structures are regularly used to… Read more »

Surface Strengthening and Support

Working to mitigate against unstable surface layers Certain rock slopes have an unstable surface layer which often requires additional stabilisation. We offer a range of surface strengthening and support systems with high strength mesh systems which are designed to work in conjunction with anchorages, to increase the stability of the unstable superficial layer. Key factors… Read more »