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How Geocells MacWeb E worked to ensure slope erosion control

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Maccaferri’s erosion control Geocell MacWeb E solution is chosen to ensure a green and sustainable solution in an erosion mitigation project in Attica, Greece.

Soil surfaces are frequently not exposed to constant hydraulic forces of rivers and channels. Most common is the occasional yet re-occurring wetting and drying of soil caused by wind, rain and gravity can lead to the gradual erosion of soil. If allowed to continue, this erosion can cause the loss of vegetation, habitat, and land mass. Not only this, but the sediments eventually make their way to water courses where the particles in suspension in the water can cause further environmental problems.

At Maccaferri, we offer clients a graded, logical range of erosion protection and drainage techniques to match the present erosion risks. A combination of multifaceted products including Biomac biodegradable biomats, MacMat geomats and the traditional double twist steel wire-based products such as gabions and Reno Mattresses, can customize solutions to overcome site-specific erosion issues.


The Kallithea Arena Stadium Kallithea project in Attica, Greece, aptly exemplifies our ability to provide slope erosion control solutions. The project concerned the protection of a steep slope using Maccaferri’s Macweb Geocells at the Kallithea arena stadium. Seeing as the inclination of the final slope was steep and due to the nature of the projects, both client and designer agreed upon the necessity of a green facing. Since a good depth of topsoil was required and the slope was steep-faced, a three-dimensional geogrid could not be applied and a cellular soil containment system was selected.

As there was enough space at the bottom of the slope, MacWeb E 2015.3 geocells were chosen as a solution. The geocells “were built” from the base of the hill to the upper part, to form a vegetated facing of the slope and offer an additional protection as an additional retaining measure of the natural ground’s forces developed behind the geocells. Maccaferri Hellas provided for this application the Geocell MacWeb E 2015.3 based on the project’s requirements and the design.

The total quantity of the geocells used for the construction of this wall amounted to 7.009 m 2. The highest point of the wall reached the height of 11m, while the depth achieved in some positions 2m or 3m. The project was successfully absolved in April of 2015.

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