The Gabion is a metal wire cage filled with stones, widely recognized for its simple yet effective design. However, it is much more than just a structural component. Known for its flexibility, permeability, and sustainability, the gabion has been a forerunner in the green transition. Its low environmental impact and adaptability make it an excellent choice in modern sustainable construction practices.

Global capability, Local Knowledge
The Gabion is more than just a mesh of wires; it is a complex solution defined by its simplicity. With over a century of expertise, we have embraced every longitude and latitude, establishing a global presence on all five continents. Yet, we preserve a deep local knowledge, intimately connected to the terrain and the precise needs of each specific market.​


Gabion: Our Legacy in Every Twist

Watch the recorded webinar on the evolution of gabions from their initial practical uses at the end of the 1800s to their pivotal role in modern sustainable engineering projects worldwide.