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Demonstrating our commitment to the environment


We strengthen our dedication to developing sustainable, eco-friendly engineering solutions by securing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for 11 of our flagship products

Our recent success in securing EPDs for our key products means we can now provide scientifically proven data on the positive environmental performance of our engineering solutions. This helps customers make even more informed decisions when it comes to improving the environmental impact of their projects and helps us to fulfil our mission of offering engineered solutions that can nurture and protect the environment.

EPDs customers and consumers clear, scientifically proven data on the environmental impact of products and services. These internationally recognised declarations provide transparent and comparable information about a product’s entire lifecycle – covering extraction, manufacture, use and eventual disposal – to help consumers make more environmentally conscious decisions when purchasing and procuring products.

Based on the international standard ISO 14025, securing an EPD is a comprehensive process, involving a complete product lifecycle assessment in relation to strict product category rules. This assessment is then submitted for approval to an independent expert organisation, who guarantees the validity of the information included. Once approved, the EPD is granted and registered in the International EPD System database.

We are now pleased to announce that we have successfully undertaken this process for 11 of our flagship solutions: Paragrid, Paraweb, Paralink, Paradrain, Gabions, Reno Mattresses, Rockfall Netting, Terramesh, MacMat, MacDrain W and MacDrain M.

The ability to fairly compare and present the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our most advanced solutions signals our growing commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, as stated in our company’s global mission.

EPDs help us be more open and transparent to clients and customers who are continually striving to find solutions that combine innovative technology with an environmental conscience. These customers can now have peace of mind when it comes to choosing us as a partner who can help them achieve sustainable, eco-friendly engineering projects.

EPDs also give us a scientifically proven baseline for the environmental performance of our products, upon which we can continue to improve and create even more sustainable solutions to protect the future of the planet.

To find out more about Environmental Product Declarations, and to search the International EPD Database, visit the EPD website.

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