Drainage MacDrain

The value of efficient drainage

The range of Maccaferri MacDrain® drainage geocomposites (with geonet or geomat cores), constitute a fundamental tool in the effectiveness of structures in the presence of water within soils. Without adequate drainage, the soils in contact with structures can become saturated and weakened, potentially imposing higher loads.

Removing water from the ground adjacent to these structures is therefore important. The ground consolidates and performs better. A properly designed drainage geocomposite can often replace the traditional gravel drains that are used behind retaining walls and other structures such as sheet pile and contiguous piled walls or the basement walls to buildings. Horizontal drainage is often required on sports pitches or other large areas exposed to the potential of high rainwater run-off.

Whether the drainage is vertical, or even horizontal, the range of MacDrain® geocomposites can provide an answer. Selection of the appropriate system is determined through the use of our design software. Using Maccaferri wide range of materials and manufacturing expertise, we can even combine drainage cores with various textiles or membranes to create bespoke drainage products to suit specific projects.

Whichever MacDrain® is selected, it can replace traditional gravel drains; this not only reduces the cost of the drainage system, but reduces the need for quarried materials and polluting truck movements needed to deliver those drainage stone to project sites.


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