Use of site-won and Marginal Fills in Reinforced Soil Slopes

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Use of site-won and Marginal Fills in Reinforced Soil Slopes

Challenges faced when modifying soil slopes. Modifying soil slope angles beyond their natural angle of friction can lead to slope instability. This situation can arise when cutting back slopes to install a new highway, or to gain development area on a sloping site. Improving soil performance with geogrid reinforcement.

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Our geogrid reinforcement used in conjunction with the soil enables it to perform better than it would in its unreinforced state. Moreover, they enable soil to accommodate greater loads and stand at steeper angles. The geogrids are laid horizontally within the compacted soil mass during construction, reinforcing it due to their high tensile strength, low strain and good interaction with the soil. 

Maccaferri solutions embrace sustainability. Our unsurpassed range of geogrid reinforcements maximizes the opportunity to reuse site-won materials as backfill to a reinforced slope. This saves on the export and import of materials from site, embracing sustainability and reducing polluting truck movements. 

With our skill and experience in this solution area and using our design software MacSTARs, we can combine geogrids with other systems such as our Terramesh®, Green and Mineral Terramesh® to form hybrid structures offering additional benefits of cost-effectiveness and improved buildability. This expertise has enabled us to successfully construct many ‘mega-structures’; our reinforced soil slopes and structures are regularly over 30m tall. In fact, we have successfully designed and implemented structures over 70m high; probably the tallest such structures in the world by any supplier.

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Julie Hyslop
Area Engineer (Scotland & North West England)