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Retaining Solutions for Housing Developments

Every week, hundreds of Maccaferri solutions are implemented across the globe, whether they are a small retaining wall in a housing development, or a massive, reinforced soil structure on a major highway or in a mine. Reduction on consumption of natural resources, savings on installation cost, maximization of worker safety, long-term durability and integration into the environment are key features of our retaining walls and soil reinforcement systems.

Our expertise has been built up over 100 years of solving retaining structure problems and continuously innovating our offer of tested and certified solutions. In addition, partnering with leading institutions and professionals we endeavor to develop new design approaches and design tools to enhance the service life of our walls and soil reinforcement structures.

Building in tight urban areas and mines. These structures are regularly used to support or enable the construction of infrastructure in tight urban corridors, forming retaining walls, abutments and wing walls. Our MacRES® system is also used to construct crusher and hopper walls in mines, supporting massive loads.

From a wide range of solutions, we are uniquely able to provide a retaining wall to suit the clients’ technical needs; the soil being retained, the aesthetic requirements and the budget. Renowned as the global leader in gabion walls, an increasing number of our clients know that we now also offer a wide range of retaining walls aside from gabions including blockwork and timber crib walls. 

Always striving to reduce the unnecessary use of construction and waste materials. Whichever solution is selected, our retaining structures have several things in common: they are modular, flexible and can suit most ground conditions. Indeed, we attempt to reuse site-won materials whenever possible, reducing the import and export of construction and waste materials. 

Watch and learn from our latest webinar on how we have applied our technical knowledge to develop solutions to Soil Stabilisation and reinforcement

Scott Harvey
Sales Manager (United Kingdom & Ireland)

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