Building Retaining Structures whilst Reducing Impact on the Environment

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Building Retaining Structures whilst Reducing Impact on the Environment

Our expertise has been built up over 100 years of solving retaining structure problems and continuously innovating our offer of tested and certified solutions. In addition, partnering with leading institutions and professionals we endeavor to develop new design approaches and design tools to enhance the service life of our walls and soil reinforcement structures.

We are strongly committed to addressing environmental, economic, and social aspects with a holistic approach. Indeed, we firmly believe in the adoption of sustainable approaches and solutions throughout the entire life cycle of a project. From the design stage of an engineering system going through the manufacturing and construction phases until dismission: all of our engineering solutions aim at creating long-term benefits that go beyond the product itself. Maccaferri solutions mitigate natural and anthropogenic hazards, respecting the environment, enhancing people’s safety, and improving their lives.

Every week, hundreds of Maccaferri solutions are implemented across the globe, whether they are a small retaining wall in a housing development, or a massive, reinforced soil structure on a major highway or in a mine. Reduction on consumption of natural resources, savings on installation cost, maximization of worker safety, long-term durability and integration into the environment are key features of our retaining walls and soil reinforcement systems. 

Our systems are simple and quick to construct. We offer client-specific solutions. Each system offers different benefits; whether a client needs the value, longevity and flexibility of a gabion wall, or the aesthetics of a MacWall segmental concrete block retaining wall system, our engineers can help. Unlike ‘mono-product’ companies who are only able to offer one wall type, we will offer a solution optimized to the client’s needs.

Watch and learn from our latest webinar on how you can continue to build retaining structures whilst reducing impact on the environment

Mike Horton
Technical Manager

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