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Erosion control & Hydraulic works – Riverbank focus

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Erosion control & Hydraulic works – Riverbank focus

Protecting vulnerable soils through stabilisation has become a priority in multiple sectors, from agribusiness to oil & gas, from coastal protection works to restoration after natural disasters. The approach to watercourse management is increasingly considering social and environmental aspects along with the economic impacts of hydraulic structures. Understanding of hydraulic engineering and watercourse ecosystems enables us to find a better balance between the demands of our societies and environmental equilibrium.

We design and manufacture innovative solutions & software to meet the need of changing world.

Over the years, Maccaferri has been working along with some of the most prominent universities at international level to develop a graded, logical range of sustainable erosion control products and drainage techniques. With this expertise and strong manufacturing base, we can tailor solutions to clients’ soil instability problems, so that the level of intervention is appropriate to the erosion risk encountered. Moreover, our specific design software provides client support on the selection of the most effective solution for their project needs.

In this webinar will investigate some of the common causes and effects of erosion in riverbanks and hydraulic environments. We will discuss Maccaferri solutions that can solve these issues sustainably.

Craig Burrows
Area Engineer (South Wales & South West England)